Aluminum foil paper for chocolate wrapping


Japan / South Korea, Australia, Other European countries, Russia, EU, Latin America, USA and Canada, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa

Minimum order quantity: 500 kilograms

Product Specifications

  • Exhibit Code: 2405
  • Size (mm): A4
  • Model: AC-2405
  • Material: aluminum
  • Color: embossed designs
  • Place of Shipment: Zhejiang China
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
  • Exhibits Characteristic: The company’s main products

PRODUCT DETAILRaw Materail1, Pure Aluminium foil in thickness 7-50mic,normally in thickness 9mic, 10.5mirc,12mic,15mic,20mic, 38mic,50mic2, Alloy 8011, 12353, Temper SoftFeatures1, size: upon yours. such as 100*100mm,95*95mm,300*300mm and so on2, 1000sheets per pack or 5kgs per pack3, Printing: single color or multi-color printing,any color needed4, embossing type: small lattice, chocolate logo, star, dot, tulip,lattice, big lattice, coin,peony,bubbleSpecial need1, customer’s special color is welcomed, can do as requirement2, embossing can do as customer’s need, such as special logo or word3, different thickness’ foil with different pricePacking waydepend on the size, normally about 20kgs per carton,500*700 in sheet, normally 5kgs/pack,5packs/cartonUsagechocolate wrapper,cheese package,pack for tea leaf, hair salon